Many people look at dental care as something that they can postpone and then take care of when it’s convenient. In other words, they’ll take care of it when they have the money and the time.

But this is a completely backwards approach. The truth is that you should take care of oral health now, as soon as you can. That’s because good oral health can provide a firm foundation for your overall health, beauty, and strength.

A Firm Foundation for Health, Beauty, and Strength

An Origin of Health

Your oral health is critical to your overall health. Remember, your mouth is the entry to your body, and almost everything that enters your body comes through it. This means that poor oral health can serve as the origin of disease in other parts of the body. Bacteria from the mouth can spread to the heart, the lungs, the brain, and more.

Oral bacteria can cause acute infections–which can be immediately deadly–or they can contribute to chronic inflammation that leads to long-term complications, including autoimmune disorders and even cancer.

The Basis of Beauty

When it comes to being beautiful, it takes more than a pretty smile, but it’s hard to overestimate the impact a smile has on your overall appearance.

After all, our smile is the first thing people notice about us. It’s what they remember about us when they think of us.

But your teeth are important for more than your smile. They provide crucial structural support for your facial structure. If your teeth get worn down, broken, or lost, your face will shrink. But your skin won’t, which leads to excess skin that has to fold, wrinkle, or drape down.

A Source of Strength

But perhaps the most neglected aspect of your oral health is how it serves as a source of strength for your entire body. When you train, you’re probably familiar with the importance of strengthening your core. Most of the time, people think of this as being abdominal and chest muscles, but it also includes your jaw and neck muscles. After all, these muscles are critical for stabilizing your head and spine. And these muscles participate any time you’re trying to exert yourself to your limits.

That’s why weightlifters can find they are wearing and cracking their teeth: their jaw participates in every lift. When the jaw, bite, and teeth are healthy, the stress is balanced and lifters can access their full strength. But when it’s not, some of the strength is lost, and it can be directed at the teeth, leading to damage.

You don’t have to be a lifter to experience this: it happened to Charlize Theron when she was training for Atomic Blonde. She was pushing herself to her limits and clenched her teeth too hard, cracking them.

Build a Better Foundation

Quality dentistry does more than just fix problems as they come up. Instead, it looks at your overall oral system and assesses it to optimize all its impacts on your whole being. At the office of Dr. Marzban, we perform foundational dentistry, which can help you achieve optimal health, beauty, and strength.

With quality general dentistry, we not only treat disease, we provide preventive services and offer lifestyle recommendations so you can live a life that is healthier for your mouth, mind, and body.

Cosmetic dentistry means more than just giving you a beautiful smile. We will certainly do that, but with our Digital Smile Design (DSD), we can harmonize your smile to your overall facial appearance, in a dynamic way that ensures your smile is attractive in the way that you smile.

To ensure your jaw is in harmony and facilitating your best strength, we can use neuromuscular dentistry. We can also utilize myofunctional therapy to eliminate bad habits of the tongue, jaw, lips, or cheeks that contribute to poor position and development of the jaw.

We can combine all these approaches together to give you oral health that is a strong foundation for your health, beauty and strength. Learn how this approach can help you. Please call 703-349-4277 today for an appointment at the office of Dr. Pamela Marzban in Burke, VA.